Form Follows Freedom. Architektura dla kultury w Polsce 2000+

J. Purchla, J. Sepioł (red.)
Date of issue: 2015
Volume: 22,5 × 28 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 272

ISBN 978-83-63463-36-6 see in bookshop
Polish architecture has come out of shadows. At present, it is among the most interesting phenomena of European, or even global, architecture. This position has been secured particularly by venues erected for culture in the first two decades of the new century. The architecture of new museums and venues for philharmonic orchestras combines global trends with creative pursuits of individual language. 

Form Follows Freedom presents the most spectacular pieces of architecture together with commentaries by celebrated authors – historians and critics of architecture. The book is a remarkable compendium of recent Polish architecture. Conceived as its promotion for the international public, the publication is addressed primarily to critics of architecture and researchers of contemporary architecture all around the world; it will also supply libraries of the most important global institutions dealing with architecture, as well as the best schools of architecture.

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