Balkan Playground. Michał Korta publication unavailable

Balkan Playground. Michał Korta

Date of issue: 2017
Volume: 24 × 27,5 cm
Cover: hardback
Pages: 96

ISBN 978-83-63463-70-0 publication unavailable

By the end of summer 2014 Michał Korta sets for a journey. With no plans, expectations, or a set return date. His only goal is to see the Balkans. He visits eight countries, slowly travelling by car, which becomes his home for several months. He takes pictures of places and people, here and now. The result of this journey is an album that contains thirty condensed photographic narratives.

Carefully constructed portraits, deserted landscapes, and seemingly meaningless, trivial details are motifs that regularly recur throughout Korta’s pictures. They combine into visually intriguing stories, as well as reveal the atmosphere of the world suspended between the past and the present. And although the perspective of an outside observer carries the risk of generalisation, the artist resists the desire to look for superficial oriental features and easy exoticism.

Miljenko Jergović – one of the greatest contemporary Croatian writers – wrote about Korta’s works in the following way: “Korta doesn’t picture what he sees as a stranger would. This is a compliment. His photographs are much like Stasiuk’s «Taksim». It is the same kind of respect for the dying, receding world of the time of political transformation. Just like Stasiuk, Korta is a man of Eastern Europe and one can sense this aspect in his work. People from the West, well, they are usually unable to see this. It’s a shame”.