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Persons with visual disability

Persons with visual disability

The TOTUPOINT system has been installed at the International Cultural Centre to support visitors with visual disabilities.

The system is based on a network of electronic tags that can communicate with mobile devices, such as smartphones. The markers are placed throughout the building. The visitor located near a specific marker will hear a sound signal and receive information with a description of the place.

To use the TOTUPOINT system, download the free application:

- for IOS:


- for Android:



The list of markers with descriptions can be found here.

How to access the exhibition?

The entrance doors to the ICC are double wing, two and a half metres high, and two metres wide. The right wing opens outwards. Right behind the entrance door, past the doormat, there is a guide path on the floor of the vestibule and the hall.

The guide path is approximately 12 metres long and leads to the reception desk located on the right. About four metres from the entrance, between the vestibule and the hall, there are glass double wing doors that open outwards.

There is a cloakroom on the ground floor behind the reception on the left side of the hall. Three-step stairs lead to it.

The visitor service point and the ICC Gallery are located on the first floor. They can be reached by stairs or by elevator. The stairs and elevator are located in front of the reception desk. The elevator can be reached via a guide path.

How the exhibition space looks like?

The exhibition is presented in a big hall, on the first floor of the ICC. You can enter it from one of the rooms, in which the exhibition "Homing. Włodzmierz Puchalski" is presented. The hall is about twenty meters long and twenty meters wide.

In the exhibition hall there are a few sections. They are marked by wooden boards and semi-transparent fabric. The photographs have been printed in various sizes: A4, A3, and smaller.


Just behind the entrance - both on the left and on the right - there are few-meters-long screens, made out of MDI boards and plywood. On the screens photographs were printed. They document the funeral of one of the soldiers who died during the war in Ukraine.

In the middle of the hall there is a special section in the shape of an elipse. The elipse is ten meters long and about five meters wide. The floor in this section is made out of matt glass. The elipse is surrounded by a wooden construction. On the construction grennish, transparent fabric is hanged. In the eliptic section, the photographs from the "Kiss" series are hanged at a face hight.

The transparent fabric was also hanged in some of the other sections. On the fabric the protagonists from the photographs were printed.


In the exhibition space there is one monitor with a video with sound and a loudspeaker. From the speaker one can hear the priest singing during the funeral.

Personal assistance

The ICC can provide the help of an assistant who will come to the tram stop and help you reach the Centre. To arrange an assistant, please contact us three days prior to the planned visit by calling or texting us at: 784 032 228 or by sending an e-mail to the following address: dostepnosc@mck.krakow.pl.


Additional information

In the Gallery you can borrow A4 magnifying sheets and magnifying glasses free of charge.

The ICC has prepared audio-transcriptions (in Polish) of selected works (see the link below).


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