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“Ukraine and war. Images of Experience”

Join us at the ICC for the meeting Ukraine and war. Images of Experience

20.10.2022, 18:00


Photographs evoke emotions, they affect us. They are what inspires us to think. Intellect and reflection always come after the image, right after the affect. What kind of experience, what  kind of memory are formed by photographs? What constitutes their narrative layer?

The photographs of Justyna Mielnikiewicz allow us to see the war in Ukraine through the stories of specific people, individual experiences, from bottom up, through the lens of microhistories. The artist avoids the seductive charm of extreme experience: her photographs do not show combat scenes or wounded soldiers. So to what extent can images serve as testimony? In addition, they say something important about the photographers experience.

We would like to invite you to reflect on these issues together during the meeting Ukraine and war. Images of Experience, which accompanies the Justyna Mielnikiewicz photography exhibition at the International Cultural Centre in Krakow.


Venue: The Ravens Hall

Participants: Adam Balcer, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Paweł Pieniążek

Host: Ludwika Włodek


Adam Balcer – programme director of the Jan Nowak Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe, lecturer at the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw and author of theradio TOK FM podcast “Babel. Rzeczpospolita multi-Kulti” devoted to the multicultural history of Poland and Ukraine. Author of numerous articles, reports, and books on Central and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea basin, including the book “Turcja, Wielki Step i Europa Środkowa” published by the ICC.


Justyna Mielnikiewicz – Polish photographer and photojournalist, permanently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Author of photobooks, such as Woman with a Monkey Caucasus in Short Notes and Photographs” (2001-2014) and “Ukraine Runs Through It (2014-2019). She published her work in The New York Times”, “Newsweek Polska”, “Paris Match”, “The Wall Street Journal”, “National Geographic”, “Monocle”, “Stern and Le Monde. Winner of World Press Photo in the People in the News category (2008). In late 2017, she has co-founded the international photo agency MAPS.


Paweł Pieniążek – journalist working for “Tygodnik Powszechny”. He reported on the events in Afghanistan, Nagorno-Karabakh, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine. Author of three books: “Po kalifacie. Nowa wojna w Syrii”, “Wojna, która nas zmieniła”, “Pozdrowienia z Noworosji”. Winner of the MediaTory journalist award in 2019.


Ludwika Włodek – assistant professor at the Centre for East European Studies at the University of Warsaw; reporter, author of books and articles published in Nowa Europa Wschodnia, OKO PRESS, Dwutygodnik, among others. Recently she has published Gorsze dzieci Republiki. O Algierczykach we Francji”(Czarne Publishing House, 2020) and “Buntowniczki z Afganistanu” (WAB, 2022).

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