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Exhibition "Socmodernism: Architecture in Central Europe during the Cold War"
Today, the architectural heritage of Socialist Modernism is being thoroughly re-evaluated, so the exhibition offers a new and unconventional look at it through the prism of its most eminent creators, by showing the diversity of forms and by outlining the political and technological context in which it was created. Even under unfavourable conditions, architects behind the Iron Curtain were able to maintain the originality of their work and preserve their artistic freedom; to create extraordinary pieces that elude easy judgement.

The exhibition will be the first panoramic presentation of the most interesting socmodernist designs from all over Central Europe, while at the same time offering a common, unencumbered by prejudices, key to the interpretation of post-war Central European architecture. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication in two language versions Polish and English.

The works on display come from the collections of Central European institutions: the Centre for Architecture in Vienna, the Croatian Museum of Architecture in Zagreb, the National Gallery in Prague, the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, the Museum of Estonian Architecture in Tallinn, the City Museum in Tychy, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Museum of Modern Art in Zagreb, the Museum of Art in Olomouc, the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, the University of St. Petersburg in Budapest, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw, the Museum of Art in Olomouc, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Olomouc, the Museum of Architecture in Warsaw and the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc. Saint Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, as well as from private collections.

1. On the excesses in architecture; 2. The wall and the curtain; 3. We want to be modern! 4. The man overcomes time and space; 5. Demiurges? 6. The other dimension; 7. Landscapes of memory; 8. Dissidents? 9. On from…

The exhibition will be on display in the ICC Gallery from 3 October 2024 to 19 January 2025.
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