Nature walk: Why are meadows worth protecting?

2022-09-24, 11:00 a.m.
Black and white photograph taken by Włodzimierz Puchalski. It depicts field flowers.

On the walk we took a look at the biodiversity of the Natura 2000 area Nowa Huta Meadows. The participants had an opportunity to get to know more about the meadow habitats and learn what benefits they bring to the city.


As a starting point, we tired to find answers to such questions as: what are ecosystemic services? What are the most important threats to the city meadows? Is the common red ant dangerous? Where do ronefinches and butterflies from the Phengaris genus hibernate?


The walk accompanied the “Homing. Włodzimierz Puchalski” exhibition. More information at the exhibition website.


The admission was free, but booking was required. The meeting point was specified in an email sent to confirm your booking.




Joanna Kajzer-Bonk, PhD – she works at the Evolution of Invertebrate Animals Institute in the Faculty of Biology at the Jagiellonian University. She conducts research, among others, on the human influence on the diversity of insects and birds. She is interested in the protection of nature and nature education. She takes part in the debates of the Jagiellonian University Climatic Council and the Commission of Citizen Dialogue for the environment in Krakow. The latter acts for the benefit of Krakow environment and for the protection of its natural resources.

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