What language do flowers speak? - online art workshops for children

2020-09-20, 12:30 a.m.
At the exhibition Plants and animals. Atlases of natural history in the age of Linnaeus, we can admire graphics depicting various species of flowers. Their names sound mysterious and exotic. Do flowers have their own language? And if so, what does it sound like? If we would be very quiet in the garden tonight, could we hear it?

We created a magic garden at art workshop. We used… recycled bottles. They could replace brushes and thanks to this we got completely unique shapes. Workshop took place on Sunday, September 20 at 12:30 on the ICC profile on Facebook.

List of materials needed: paint, brush, colored bristol paper (preferably A3) or a large cardboard surface, the bottoms of several plastic bottles, a bottle cap, a roll of toilet paper.

Workshop in Polish.
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