We invite for the film show

Film show: No End, 1985, dir. by K. Kieślowski
July 28, 6 p.m.

It’s 1982. Having attended his own funeral, Mr Antoni Zyro, the barrister, returns to his apartment and from now on he will accompany the living and, sometimes, interfere in their lives. As a defence counsel, he investigated the case of a young workman Dariusz, currently in prison, who was a leader of a strike, though he never really joined the Solidarity movement. Now, his case is to be conducted by Mr Labrador, a pragmatist who implies that the actual beliefs and thoughts of the accused are of no importance whatsoever. What really matters is a way in which the defendant responds to the questions posed in a courtroom.

“Kieślowski’s movie is bitter; its ending tragic. But it reveals, layer after layer, almost every aspect of conflicted and dramatic essence of life in today’s Poland” – one of the 1984 reviews stated. Referring to the Polish experience of the martial law – the action of the movie takes place in 1982 – Kieślowski shares with his audience his individual vision of a social conflict and analyses various mechanisms by means of which the conflict in question could be neutralised. Ultimately, he judges their effectiveness with unmatched severity.
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