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The exhibition “A Woman’s Work Is Never Done,” which came to an end on August 11, was the ninth project jointly organised by the ICC and the Scientific Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences which boasts one of the most valuable collections of prints in Poland.

Previously, in 2011, we displayed an exhibition on the issue of otherness titled “Us and Them. An Intricate History of Otherness.”

The story of biases, of fear and fascination, of human judgement over nature, of eternal divisions into “us” and “them” was told using images of mythical creatures and demons to be found in the prints by modern masters such as Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer or Lucas van Leyden, as well as illustrations to books on monsters published at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, prints which displayed exotic tribes of the New World produced on a mass scale, 19th century illustrations to medical and natural history books, portraits, social and political caricatures, selected examples from the 20th century circus posters and Batman graphic novels.

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