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Title: Modernist Lviv. Meeting with Jakub Lewicki

2022-11-30, 6:00 p.m.
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Professor Jakub Lewicki has been researching the history of Lviv architecture and its architectural community for many years. After a monumental study of the architecture of the city in the times of Galician autonomy, this time the readers are offered an extensive volume documenting the history of Lviv architecture in the interwar period. The author describes the stylistic and typological changes that took place in Lviv during two intensive decades and presents the history of the local designer community.


In Lviv’s history, the interwar period marks a time of intense urban and architectural development. The changes did not only concern the area of ​​the city, which was significantly enlarged. The expansion of the younger and older districts, including the historic centre, came with the construction of new buildings for public institutions and quarters of residential development. In this process, which was crucial for the growth of the city, the Faculty of Architecture of the Lviv Polytechnic played a fundamental role.


The book published by the National Institute of Polish Cultural Heritage Abroad - POLONIKA is the first such extensive study of this topic.


Join us for a meeting with the author and Dr. Karol Guttmejer hosted by Dr. Michał Wiśniewski.

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