The Surreal Heart of New Russia - meeting with Peter Pomerantsev

2015-09-28, 6:00 p.m.

Bandit with artistic soul, professional seducers, black widows wrapped in dynamite, revolutionary oligarchs, suicidal models, a would-be director who pulls the strings in the political puppet theatre from the heights of the Kremlin…  In the country that covers nine time zones and one sixth of the globe, the television is the only unifying power. It is the most important tool of the new type of authoritarianism, much more subtle than its twentieth-century versions. Peter Pomerantsev analyses the mechanisms of Vladimir Putin’s regime and attempts to answer the question: what is the new Russia and in which direction is it heading?

Peter Pomerantsev – British writer, documentary filmmaker, director and film producer. He was born in the USSR but in early childhood immigrated to Great Britain with his parents. After graduating he moved to Moscow, where he lived for nine years; he came back to London in 2010. He is a valued collaborator of the “London Review of Books”. He published in the “Financial Times”, the “Wall Street Journal”, “Foreign Policy”, “Daily Beast”, “Newsweek” and the “Atlantic Monthly” as well as on He also worked for the institutions of the European Union.

Meeting within the frameworks of  The Polish-Russian Dialogue at the ICC. Meeting in English with simultaneous interpreting into Polish. Free admission.

Meeting with Peter Pomerantsev, author of Jądro dziwności. Nowa Rosja, trans. Iga Noszczyk, Wydawnictwo Czarne: Wołowiec 2015.

Moderated by Jerzy Bahr.

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