The Royal Castle in Warsaw

March 30, 6 p.m.
The Royal Castle in Warsaw – the functions of a modern-day museum situated in a historical residence
A lecture by prof. Andrzej Rottermund

We cordially invite everyone to a lecture by one of the founders and lecturers of the Academy of Heritage and the director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw for over two decades – will deliver his lecture within the framework of the Open Lectures of the Academy of Heritage.
The first part of Professor Rottermund’s presentation will explain the functional differences between a “classical” museum and the one situated in a former historical residence. Consequently, the eminent lecturer will introduce the challenges that the latter type of museum faces – both theoretically and practically, i.e. taking the Royal Museum in Warsaw as an example. Moreover, pertinent issues related to scientific, educational and preservation activities will also be addressed as well as management challenges faced by such a prestigious and large institution. Finally, the representational function of the Royal Castle will be extensively discussed

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