The Poles in Spanish cinema...

2012, November 20, 3 p.m.
On the track of Polish cultural heritage abroad. The Poles in Spanish cinema – Polish cinema in Spain
A lecture by Joanna Bardzińska

The lecture will present a series of grant supported projects carried out by Bardzińska which have researched the presence of Polish cultural heritage abroad from the point of view of film studies in Spain. It will also invite the audience to reflect upon the image of the Poles as created by Spanish cinema. Also, the presence of Polish artists in the history of Spanish cinematography will be addressed.

Joanna Bardzińska – graduated in Spanish studies (MA programme) from the University of Warsaw and earned her PhD title in the field of audiovisual communication from the Complutense University, Spain. She has published on Spanish cinema. She also translated Polish literature into Spanish (e.g. Hospital of the Transfiguration by Stanisław Lem). Her academic interests include the history of Spanish cinema, intercultural communication and Polish culture in exile.

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