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The meeting of the Central European Book Club

2022-11-15, 6:00 p.m.
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November 15, 6 pm

The second discussion of the Central European Book Club: “Central Europe gains independence”.

Central Europe – what is it? Where is it? What is it like? Independent or subordinate? Literature in many ways tries to pin down and define the specificity of our part of Europe and the experience related to it. From the library of Central European narratives, we selected four books which represent different perspectives of thinking and storytelling about Central Europe.

As always, the starting point for the conversation was literature. We suggested reading the following texts (in whole or in fragments):

Weronika Gogola "Ufo nad Bratysławą" (especially the chapter "Trzy słowackie morza"), Milan Kundera "Zachód porwany albo tragedia Europy Środkowej", Bartosz Sadulski "Rzeszot" and Larry Wollf "Idea Galicji" (especially the chapter "Galicyjskie dzieciństwo Sacher-Masocha. Od pieśni ludowych do rzezi")

By registering at j.burnatowski@mck.krakow.pl you could be assisted in accessing the texts.

Venue: the Panoramic Room, 5th floor

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