The Mann Family

November 24, 6 p.m.
The Mann family – reading from the works of Thomas, Klaus and Katia Mann

A meeting entitled The Mann family will be the first in a series of readings jointly organised by the International Cultural Centre and the “Nowy Theatre”.
Their primary objective is to familiarise the ICC audience with novelists and poets who, due to their views and origin, were persecuted by the Nazi regime. The Mann family is particularly illustrative of this injustice. Thomas Mann, the author of The Magic Mountain, was abroad when Adolf Hitler rose to power and he remained so. His children, Klaus and Erica also faced up to and criticised the Nazi government. Excerpts from the following volumes will be read out during the meeting:

  • Thomas Mann, Diary 19331934. A selection [Polish edition: Dzienniki. Wybór 1933–1934, translated by Irena and Egon Naganowski, Dom Wydawniczy Rebis, 1995]
  • Klaus Mann, The Turning Point: thirty-five years in this century. The Autobiography of Klaus Mann [Polish edition: Punkt Zwrotny, translated by Marek Wydmuch, Czytelnik, 1993]
  • Katia Mann, Unwritten Memories [Polish edition: Moje nienapisane wspomnienia, translated by Emilia Bielicka, Czytelnik, 2007]
  • Herman Hesse, Thomas Mann, The Hesse/Mann Letters [Polish edition: Korespondencja, translated by Małgorzata Łukaszewicz, PIW, 2008]
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