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The ICC library with the most modern library system

Photo of the interior of the ICC Library. Bookshelves and a fern.

The Library of the ICC in Krakow has implemented the state-of-the-art Alma system and started co-cataloging with the National Library - Central State Library. Extensive cooperation within the national library network, made possible by the implementation of uniform rules for cataloging collections, brings benefits to both library employees, who can manage collections more effectively, and readers, who gain wider, faster and more transparent access to information.


The ICC Specialist Library (having the status of a scientific library) is an integral part of the ICC Research Institute of European Heritage. It collects Polish and foreign scientific literature in the field of cultural heritage and the philosophy of its management, in particular: history and theory of culture, history, memory and identity of Central and Eastern Europe, art, architecture, urban planning, management of historic cities, monument protection, cultural heritage in the context economy, ethnography and traditions of European regions, national minorities and intercultural dialogue. Many of these publications were obtained through exchange with foreign partner institutions. A significant collection is also the Galicjana and cartographic collections (including German occupation editions of several hundred topographic maps of the Polish lands). It is worth mentioning that the ICC's own publishing output is successively made available in the polona.pl digital library.


As a result of the implementation of the system in subsequent libraries (including the ICC Library), the common work area of ​​the institutions participating in the project was extended, with the main goal of co-cataloging according to uniform cataloging rules (using National Library Descriptors). Thanks to the implementation of the new system, the resources of the catalogue.bn.org.pl search engine have been enriched, currently bringing together not only the combined catalogs of the National Library of Poland, the Jagiellonian Library together with the departmental and institute libraries of the Jagiellonian University, two provincial libraries - in Kielce and Lublin, the University Library in Toruń together with all specialist libraries of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, the Library of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, but also catalogs of 109 libraries -library-network-via-integrated-library-resources-management/implementation], which joined in 2022 as part of the National Reading Development Program 2.0. This group also included the ICC Library, which enriched the resources of the Combined Catalogs of the National Library of Poland, amounting to 12.5 million bibliographic records and 25 million items, with further collections.


The National Library as the operator of Priority 1. Direction of Intervention 1.2. Building a nationwide library network through an integrated library resource management system as part of the long-term program "National Reading Development Program 2.0 for 2021-2025" covers the cost of maintaining the system.


We encourage you to discover the wealth of Polish literature available in the combined catalogs at https://katalogi.bn.org.pl/

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