The ICC in the Historical Book Fair

2012-09-13 - 2012-09-15
2012, September 13–15, 2012
We invite to the Historical Book Fair
Auditorium Maximum UJ, ul. Krupnicza 33

From Thursday to Saturday we invite to the ICC's bookstall in the Historical Book Fair in Krakow. History passionates from all over the world, historians, representatives of humanistic and social sciences, representatives of academic centres and cultural institutions, teachers, journalists, students, several hundred speakers and panelists as well as the magical atmosphere of old Cracow – this is a quintessence of this world-unique event: The Second International Congress of Polish History accompanied by the Historical Book Fair. It is the festival of a historical book which is organized for historians, history lovers and passionates. The fair is an occasion for replenishing the historical library stock with the 'missing' books and it is the place to meet the writers who one does not usually meet.

This autumn event will gather publishers, publishing houses, scientific publishers, museums and institutions offering historical books. The participants will have an opportunity to buy specialist publications, niche historical texts, historical magazines, reprints of rarae aves, old maps and graphics, which will undoubtedly attract every passionate of history.

The idea to organize the Historical Book Fair arose from the wish to supplement the Second International Congress of Polish History organized by the Cracow- based section of the Polish Historical Society. The Congress is an occasion for many debates and discussions, for the exchange of thought and experience of researchers from many countries, whereas the book fair is an additional element aimed at the popularization of historical book reading.

The Book Fair is open for general public, admission free.
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