The ICC hosted Mr Karni Singh Jasol

On 30th June 2011 the International Cultural Centre hosted Mr  Karni Singh Jasol, Director of the Mehrangarh Museum Fort Jodhpur in India. For the last few years, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage cooperated
intensively with Indian partners from Jodhpur, being responsible for coordination of the conservation of Stefan Norblin's artworks. Norblin was the Polish painter who, during the second world war, came to India and for several years was working for the Royal Family of Jodhpur, designing interiors and preparing decorations for the Royal residencies. At present his artworks are the subject of the preservation works held by Polish specialists.

Mr Karni Sigh Jasol graduated from the Mayo College in Ajmera. He is a Fulbright Fellow as well as The Charles Wallace Award and Nehru Trust Award recipient. Since 2009 he has been the director of the Mehrangarh Museum Fort Jodhpur, which belongs to the Jodhpur Royal Family. Mr Karni Singh Jasol came to Poland for the first time in 2008 because of the conservation of Norblin's drawings. This time he came to coordinate the first monographic
exhibition of Stefan Norblin, to be held in 2011 at the galleries of Staalowa Wola, New Delhi and Mumbai. Moreover, his visit let him get acquainted with the Polish contemporary way of museum management and architecture.
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