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The ICC at the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art

The ICC at the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art
The International Cultural Center is one of the institutions that will present themselves as part of the Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art. The Triennial, the fruit of many years of efforts by the Olomouc Art Museum, is part of the Central European Forum Olomouc (SEFO) program and complements the range of activities dedicated to the region.

The Triennial of Contemporary Central European Art SEFO 2021 is called the Universum. This project is based on many years of efforts by the Museum of Art in Olomouc to not only recall, but also implement the Central European idea.

In connection with the long-term strategy of the Central European Forum Olomouc (SEFO), selected foreign institutions will also be presented as part of the accompanying programme of the SEFO 2021 triennial. The education departments of the SEFO's partner institutions were invited to collaborate on the international programme. With the prepared submissions, these partners will transfer the triennial from Olomouc to their spaces and introduce their visitors to the individual topics of the main exposition of the SEFO 2021 Universum triennial, while offering their own interpretation of the chosen issue.
The collaboration is based on the idea that the approaches presented in the Olomouc exhibition are undoubtedly unique, but the issues they address are universal and can be repeatedly examined in a large number of independent cases within a (limited) category of visual art. Reinterpretation does not refute the presented system; on the contrary, it opens it to new perspectives and confirms that the process of “questioning” can never be considered complete.
The programme itself will take place on two levels, mainly during selected weeks in individual partner museums with a focus on local audiences, but also in part online with an effort to create an interactive network across institutions.

Partners: International Cultural Centre in Krakow, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, East Slovak Gallery in Košice
Coordination: Olomouc Museum of Art
- Programme Coordinator | Terezie Čermáková | cermakova@muo.cz
- Press | Tomáš Kasal | kasal@muo.cz

At a Distance
September 9, 19.00

Meeting with Professor Jan Pamuła
A meeting devoted to selected problems in the work of this pioneer of Polish computer art and his personal experiences.
Professor Jan Pamuła is a versatile artist, painter, graphic designer, and theoretician, working with both traditional techniques and digital media. He creates his own vision of reality where structure works as a stabilising element, while colours evoke emotions and provide a means for the artist’s expression. His works come as a result of interaction with a place – with cultural and spiritual spaces of various areas around the globe.
During the meeting, we will get to know works of particular importance, selected to show the variety of techniques used by the artist and to highlight the international context in which they function. The artist's world will be introduced through his works from the 1970s and the ideas they contain.
The event is a part of At a Distance series – a virtual series of meetings and talks about Krakow, Central Europe, architecture and art.
The lecture will be made available on YouTube with English subtitles.

Mature for Art on-line
September 10, 11.00

The structure of life – modern city and its human inhabitants
The lecture will address the way we imagine a modern man, his lifestyle and interaction with the environment – this perspective takes into account the new organisation of the human being in private and public spaces, e.g. in relation to architecture. The lecture will include topics such as W. Strzemiński and K. Kobro’s concept of “functionalised city”, the idea of Raumstadt by F. Kiesler, the project of new organisation of kitchen space proposed by B. and S. Brukalski, or discussions on new design and architecture conducted by representatives of the Czech avant-garde in “ReD” monthly.

The lecture will take place online via Zoom. In order to receive a virtual invitation, please send your application to the following address: warsztaty@mck.krakow.pl. Angelika Madura will answer any queries sent by e-mail.
Host: Małgorzata Jędrzejczyk - PhD candidate at the Institute of Art History at the Jagiellonian University and a graduate of the interdisciplinary doctoral studies Society - Technologies - Environment. She works as cultural educator and independent curator. Her research focuses on the concept of sculpture and the issue of opening the work to the viewer in Katarzyna Kobro's work. On a daily basis, she works at the branch of the Pilecki Institute in Berlin.

City walk
September 4, 11.00

Avant-garde Krakow – a city walk
Artists and writers have always been attracted to Krakow. It was here that they edited innovative publications and enjoyed heated debates among the hustle and bustle of cafes. A walk through the well-known streets of Krakow will allow you to discover its forgotten avant-garde face.
Moderator: Joanna Majewska - ICC educator
An event aimed at adult participants. Limited number of places, booking required via the Evenea platform.
Meeting point in front of the tenement house at 12 Jabłonowskich st.

Workshops for children
September 5, 12.30

Structures from nature – art workshops for children
Art workshops for children aged 4-8, during which, together with the participants, we will carefully look at the world around us. From photos, newspaper clippings and postcards, workshop participants will eliminate all that which is realistic – human figures, trees or flowers, this way creating abstract collages.
Workshops are held at the ICC at Rynek Główny 25. The number of participants is limited with prior booking required through registration at Evenea platform.
Workshops for children
September 7, 16.00

The language of geometry – mathematical and artistic workshops
Workshops for children aged 5 to 10, during which we will look at art from the mathematical perspective – through the prism of geometry. Patterns, laws, and rules produce aesthetic, pleasing, orderly structures. During the workshops, using straight lines, flat, convex and concave figures, as well as polygons and broken figures, we will create unique artistic works.
Workshops are held at the ICC at Rynek Główny 25. The number of participants is limited with prior booking required through registration at Evenea platform.

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