The design in the hands of women

June 21, 2013, 6 p.m.
A female thing, that is design in the hands of women
A panel discussion chaired by Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka

Krystyna Łuczak-Surówka – is a historian and critic of design. She is a graduate of the Art History Institute, Jagiellonian University, where she was the first person to write a doctoral thesis on the history of Polish design. She is a lecturer at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, curator of exhibitions, and contributor to "2+3D", "Design Alive", "MONITOR Magazine" and other periodicals. She also runs her own website on Polish design –, and is one of the experts appearing in the film Poużywajmy sobie. Historia polskiego wzornictwa [Let’s apply it: a history of Polish design] produced by – Canal+.
Admission free, a meeting in Polish.

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