The art quarter – Plants and Animals exhibition

2020-10-01, 1:00 p.m.
Every Thursday at 13.00 we invite you again to the ICC Gallery for 15-minute meetings during which we talk about one of the threads of the exhibition Plants and animals. Atlases of natural history in the age of Linnaeus. Their broadcast will also be conducted in the Instagram Stories, on the ICC Instagram profile.


September 24 
– F.F. Hnning after Printz Moritz | host: Bartosz Sadulski

October 1 
– Józefina's dream, Pierre-Joseph Redoute | host: Helena Postawka

October 8 
– I. Carvitham after Eleazar Albin | host: Bartosz Sadulski

October 15 
 An ever-blooming garden | host: Dorota Kosiec

Meetings are held in Polish.
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