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The April meeting of the Central European Book Club

2023-04-18, 6:00 p.m.
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18 April, 6 pm


Join us on Tuesday, April 18, at 6 pm for a discussion about “Requiem for Nobody” by Zlatko Enev.


The mid-1980s did not bring a gradual disintegration of the system in all communist countries. Zlatko Enev talks about tightening the screws, the growing wave of nationalism and the oppression of minorities in the Bulgarian novel “Requiem for Nobody” (translated by Hanna Karpińska). Turks and Roma living in Bulgaria are under pressure, forced to change their names or leave the country.


As part of the Central European Book Club, following Enev, we will address not only the violence of the communist system, but above all its impact on everyday life and interpersonal relations. We will talk about the price you pay for exclusion and the cost of trying to fit in, which does not guarantee safety at all.


Almost 40 years have passed since the events described by the author, and this distance allows Enev to shed light on problems that had not yet been named in the 1980s: trauma inheritance, patriarchal oppression, the crisis of masculinity. During the discussion, we will try to address them together.


We encourage you to register for the meeting in advance at the following e-mail address: j.burnatowski@mck.krakow.pl. Contact us to receive access to the texts (or fragments thereof) discussed at the meeting.


Let's meet in a common space of reading and talking. Let's meet at the ICC.

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