The anniversary of the outbreak of the 2nd World War

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On the 1st of September we celebrate the anniversary of the outbreak of the 2nd World War. On the same day we open the exhibition of Justyna Mielnikiewicz’s photographs entitled “In Ukraine”. War experience is always dramatic. Today we want to remember about those who fight and about the victims.


As a result of the military aggression of Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia, two murderous totalitarianisms of the 20th century, one out of six Polish citizens died. Many cities were ruined, the infrastructure destroyed. Our country irrevocably lost numerous artworks, priceless monuments were damaged. Today Ukraine suffers equally bitter losses. Let the anniversary of the outbreak of the 2nd world war be an incentive to draw lessons from history and strengthen ourselves for a joint fight against present-day totalitarianisms.

"One moment you see one of your comrades smiling and full of life. You tell stupid jokes and make a simple dinner. And two hours later you're packing her dead body into a black plastic bag. Not the whole body, just the parts which you think can be identified as hers. You have a training session in the filed with one of the combatants, and then another a week later. You follow his example, you obey all his orders. He leads you through the toughest time and gets you and all the squat out of a hell alive. And then he gets killed by... well, you don't know what by exactly."

from Eva's letter sent to Justyna Mielnikiewicz in May 2022


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