Summer School of Illucidare Heritage and Innovation

The idea that heritage and innovations are generally contrary to our long-term thinking about the past and its applications. However, over the last decade heritage and innovation - i.e. the past and future, old and new, physical and digital, tradition and change - gradually ceased to be considered conflicting concepts. Instead, they were considered to support each other.

Heritage and innovation can be called important allies who are able to jointly contribute to social and political changes, as well as for economic development in Europe and beyond. It has already become obvious that innovative and creative ways of using the past can play an important role in building a better future.

This topic was devoted to six days of The Summer School Illucidare Heritage and Innovation: Central Europe and not only, which took place in Kraków and Krosno on 19-24 July 2021 to Krakow arrives 24 participants from the whole world who reported to participate As part of an open recruitment and have been chosen by the jury from 628 candidates.

Summer School Ilucidare offered a variety of learning opportunities, organized around three main elements:

Expert sessions - an opportunity to participate in lively and instructing session formats (such as panel discussions, round tables, interviews, etc.), during which known experts will discuss issues related to heritage and innovation. Participants will be invited to interact with experts by asking questions, active participation in discussions and exchanging ideas. This will help in developing contacts. Each of the seven session will be devoted to another aspect between heritage and other areas (economy, society, law, technology, environment, etc.).

Innovation workshops - participation in the process of creating innovation using the Design Thinking methodology. Importantly, the work will rely on looking for a creative answer to the actual challenges faced from the center of the Glass Heritage Center in Krosno. The Center presents a recognized and innovative approach to industrial heritage. Participants will be asked to develop solutions for the challenges that they stood. In this process, they will be conducted by experts on innovation and designing moderators. Design Thinking.

Networking - a social and social program of the summer school provides many opportunities for social gatherings and exploring Krakow and the region of Southeast Polish. Includes off-road trips, study visits and trips that will allow you to know other participants well and build permanent relationships that will support future work and further professional development of participants.

The school was organized as part of the ILUCIDARE International Research Project, implemented with the Horizon 2020 EU program support.

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