Spindles of yesterdays

May 31, 2012, 6 p.m.
"Spindles of yesterdays. A short history of Czech surrealist photography, photomontage and photoperformance (1934-1954)"
A lecture by David Voda

Lecture in Czech simultaneously translated into Polish
The Czech avant-garde of the interwar period remained under the spell of French Surrealism. During the period, Prague emerged as a second European capital city of the movement, after Paris. It was frequently visited by, for example, André Breton, while in Breton’s closest circle of artists one could find Marie Ermínová, a Czech painter working under the pseudonym of Tozen. Such artists as Jaromír Funke or Jindrich Štyrský put photographs as well as closely linked photomontage and photoperformance at the very heart of their artistic interests. However, the techniques were applied in a manner different from what was propagated by the French models. Consequently, the Czech artists arrived at an entirely new quality in surrealist photography.
An idea for the title of the lecture was taken from the book by Jindřich Štyrský and Jindřich Heisler entitled "On the needles of these days" ("Na jehlách těchto dní").

Free entrance
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