Smoke over the avant-garde

January 26, 6 p.m.
Smoke over the avant-garde
A lecture by Anna Saciuk-Gąsowska

A lecture will be devoted to three inextricably intertwined threads, namely the history of the International Collection of Contemporary Art of the “a.r.” group, the history of the Museum of Art, as well as the history of the city which became a proud recipient of the collection in question. Without the collection, the Museum of Art would not have been created. Without the Museum of Art, the city of Łódź would have been deprived of one of its magnets. However, there was no other city and no other museum that welcomed the collection more enthusiastically than both Łódź and the Museum of Art did. Most importantly, the present times are not a simple consequence of what happened eighty years ago. This historical continuity makes it possible to create new threads and discourses focusing on the Collection – Museum of Art – Łódź triad, while each generation brings some new value and a new point of view to the on-going phenomenon.
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