A seminar for teachers Acting locally or globally – Central Europe at school

2016-10-05, 2:00 p.m.
5.10 (Wednesday),14.00    
A seminar for teachers – Acting locally or globally – Central Europe at school.

Presentation of the exhibition Košice Modern­ism and the ICC’s educational programme for the school year 2016/2017. The programme includes a lecture on education through the heritage of locality, a presentation of the online encyclopaedia Polish St Petersburg, and educational gifts.

Admission is free, information and registration: warsztaty@mck.krakow.pl, tel. 124242860.

The exhibition currently displayed at the ICC Gallery is another attempt to introduce the art of Poland’s closest neighbouring country – which paradoxically remains little known to us – to the Kraków-based and international audience. It wishes to comprehensively address the phenomenon known as “Košice Modernism” – i.e. various practices in the field of art, architecture, or theatre that emerged in the city of Košice in the inter-war period. The exhibition will not only introduce the achievements of some outstanding artists associated with Košice Modernism but will also address other issues pertaining to the phenomenon of the place or social and political processes that occurred at the time.

The Polish St. Petersburg online encyclopaedia is dedicated to the multi-dimensional Polish presence in St. Petersburg. Its aim is to introduce the history and works of Poles living in St. Petersburg (as well as in Petrograd and Leningrad) from the late 18th century to a wide public in Poland and Russia. Its ambition is to emphasise among others the creative input of Poles in the development of modern St. Petersburg and the role they played in the social, cultural, academic, artistic, economic and political life of the city. The Polish St. Petersburg encyclopaedia is a popular science and education.

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