Scientific conference Modernism in Europe - Modernism in Gdynia

The eighth international scientific conference in the series Modernism in Europe - Modernism in Gdynia takes place on September 23-25 ​​in Gdynia. Prof. Jacek Purchla, who is a member of the Scientific Committee overseeing the substantive side of the event.

During the conference, the organizers pay special attention to modernist industrial and port architecture as well as architecture related to network infrastructure, such as power plants, pumping stations, boiler rooms and railway buildings. Conference participants will also get to know the profiles of architects specialized in designing this type of facilities or having a certain professional experience in this field. In addition to the main topic of the conference, individual sessions are also devoted to such topics as architecture in the Central Industrial District (industrial facilities and accompanying residential or service architecture) and outstanding Polish architects - modernists, creating in various places in Poland, but those who left their mark in Gdynia e.g. by carrying out your projects here.
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