We know scholarship holders of the XXI edition of Thesaurus Poloniae

On June 18th, 2019, the ICC held a meeting of the Recruitment Committee of the Thesaurus Poloniae scholarship program. Recruitment for the 21st edition of the program was conducted from April 29 to June 11, 2019. 20 applications from 12 countries have been submitted to the ICC.

The Recruitment Committee decided to award three scholarships to:

  • prof. dr Gordany Jovanović (Serbia, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade) - the aim of the project is to assess the impact of Florian Znaniecki's methodological output on the development of cultural psychology (Senior Program);
  • Ahmeda Nabaz Taher (Iraq, independent researcher) - the theme of the project is Polish 20th-century graphics and its impact on the development of art and artistic education in Iraq (Junior Program);
  • prof. Taku Shinohara (Japan, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) - the theme of the project is the culture of remembrance in Poland and Central Europe in relation to the history of the Jewish community in Galicia (Senior Program).

In 2009, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland established the Thesaurus Poloniae scholarship program, which has been implemented by the ICC in Krakow from the very beginning. Persons involved in history, art history, sociology, ethnography as well as cultural anthropology and other related sciences may apply for the scholarship. Thesaurus Poloniae program is addressed to people who are not Polish citizens. The one-time scholarship lasts three months, during which the scholarship holder stays and conducts scientific research in Krakow.

More information about the program and the application procedure can be found HERE.
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