Sacrum vs Profanum

February 7, 6 p.m.
Sacrum vs Profanum
A graphic workshops by Agnieszka Łakoma

In his prints, Andy Warhol re-used motifs known from the so-called popular culture, such as the images of Marilyn Monroe, Campbell soup can or Mickey Mouse. By taking them for the subject matter of his works, he elevated them to the rank of high culture. On the other hand, the motifs borrowed from the Renaissance painting – considered high art – were brightly coloured, multiplied and labelled as cosmetic or food products. Consequently, he diminished their significance and turned them into regular products. A technique of serigraphy which he mastered allowed for easy multiplication of images. The workshop by Agnieszka Łakoma will be devoted to the before-mentioned printing technique. The participants will be introduced into the arcane of serigraphy and encouraged to create their own prints inspired by the works of Andy Warhol.

Agnieszka Łakoma, PhD – a printmaker and graphic designer. She graduated from the Department of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Institute of Art History at the Jagiellonian University. She was awarded a scholarship by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. She is also a recipient of many awards and recognitions in the Best Print of the Month in Krakow competition. Her works have been shown at many exhibitions in Poland and abroad (the USA, Austria, Hungary). Her works are in the collections of the International Print Triennial Association, the Krakow Association of Artists as well as the Magyar Elektrográfiai Társaság in Budapest.

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