Remembering Professor Tomaszewski

On Thursday, November 10, a very special ceremony was held at the International Cultural Centre. Family, friends, colleagues and students of Professor Andrzej Tomaszewski, who passed away over a year ago, gathered in Krakow to remember the departed. Involved in the activities of the ICC since its inception, Professor Tomaszewski was one of the most important figures for all of us.

Professor Jacek Purchla, Director of the ICC about the late Professor Tomaszewski: “ (…) the Centre was his Krakow home. Here, at the Main Square No. 25, we jointly organised international monuments conservation programmes and important international conferences. Every year, we departed from the ICC gates to participate in our Central European circuit seminars. Andrzej was not only a regular and active participant of those projects, but a true spiritus movens of dialogue with representatives of other nations, cultures and continents.
The International Cultural Centre will remain, forever, his Krakow home. Not only due to our affectionate memories of him, but also because of a generous gesture of the late Professor and his relatives, as of today, we become the depositories of Professor Andrzej Tomaszewski’s library.”

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