Put your hand to the poster - promotional campaign of the Fotoblock exhibition.

2019-11-22 - 2019-12-31
What story can be read from human hands? Inspired by the extraordinary history of the photobook Working Hand by Janina and Henryk Mierzecki, presented at the Fotoblock exhibition at the MCK Gallery, we have prepared a special promotional campaign. Its goal is to create a unique poster promoting the exhibition, which will consist of photographs of the hands of people visiting our gallery. Attractive book prizes await the participants of the campaign.

What do you have to do? When visiting the latest exhibition, take a creative picture of your hand with your phone or camera in a specially marked place in our gallery. Please send the photo to fotoblok@mck.krakow.pl or share on your Instagram profile with the hashtag #fotoblokmck. We will put thirty selected photos on posters promoting the exhibition, and their authors will be awarded with an album. Posters can be seen in February 2020 on the streets of Krakow. We are waiting for applications until December 31, 2019.

Where did this idea come from? The Working Hand book was published in Lviv in 1939. The author of the unique photographs collected in it is Janina Mierzecka (1896–1987), an active photographer from the 1920s and known in the Lviv environment, one of the first Polish women creatively working in this field. Inspired by her husband, Henryk Mierzecki (1891–1977), in the late 1920s, the artist undertook the task of photographic documentation of the hands of representatives of various professions. The book includes the hands of workers representing the electrical and oil industries, the food sector, as well as hairdressing, housework, painters and even musicians. The collection of photos created by the photographer is an atlas of human hands, mostly marked with work.
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