Prof. Purchla in ALF Board of Governors

On April 26, 2012, during the 36th meeting of the ALF Board of Governors in Brussels, the new Advisory Council for the years 2012–2014 was formally elected. Professor Jacek Purchla, the Director of the ICC, was elected as a representative of Poland.

Presided by the Foundation’s President (currently, Mr. André Azoulay) and comprised of leading Euro-Mediterranean experts on intercultural dialogue (9 representatives of the countries of the so-called North and 9 representatives of the countries of the Southern shore of the Mediterranean Sea), the Advisory Council will be responsible for advising the ALF Executive Director, Networks and Board of Governors on its strategic direction for Phase III (2012-14), in particular the role of the ALF in the new regional context following 2011’s Arab Awakening and the consequences of the global economic crisis on intercultural relations in Europe.

The first Advisory Council meeting will take place in Istanbul from June 29 to July 1, 2012. The meeting has been timed to coincide with the first preparation meeting of the Anna Lindh Forum 2013 focused on youth, and a special event is being organised on June 30, with Advisory Council members and the 45 youth leaders participating in the preparatory meeting.

Apart from Professor Jacek Purchla, the newly elected members are: Besnik Mustafaj (Albania), Sabria Boukadoum (Algeria), Dejan Jović (Croatia), Nevine Simaika Halim  (Egypt), Tuomo Melasuo (Finland), Caroline Fourest  (France), Sonja Hegasy (Germany), Aliki Moschis-Gauguet (Greece), Hesna Al Ghaoui (Hungary), Ann Luttrel (Ireland), Yaarah Bar-On (Israel), Rowaida Al-Ma'aitah (Jordan), Antoine Nasri Messarra  (Lebanon), Lamia Radi (Morocco), Rui Nogueira Lopes Aleixo (Portugal), Mohamed Kamelelddine Gaha (Tunisia), Ayse Sumru Noyan (Turkey).
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