Prof. Jacek Purchla in Japan and South Korea

From 2nd to 4th March Professor Jacek Purchla is visiting Japan, where he takes part in the second edition of the international conference on global heritage titled Cultivating Fujinology: Mt. Fuji and Nature/Culture in the Anthropocene.

Located on the Honshu Island, Mount Fuji was listed in 2013 as one of the UNESCO cultural heritage sites – a sacred place and source of artistic inspiration. The commonly recognisable snow-covered peak of Fuji is one of Japan's major symbols and a favoured motif in arts. The most famous landscape portraits of the mountain can be found in the series of woodcuts by Hokusai Katasushiki: 36 Views of Mount Fuji. Fuji is also a sacred mountain for shintō religion (as a female deity Konohana-no-sakuyahime-no-mikoto).

To honour Fuji's exceptionality, along with the mountain's registration as a world heritage site, the Shizuoka prefecture government decided to create the Fuji World Heritage Centre whose mission is to conduct research on nature, history, and culture in reference to the mountain.

During the conference Professor Purchla will deliver a lecture on current challenges related to the UNESCO Convention concerning the protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Professor Jacek Purchla was also invited to the capital of South Korea, where on 6th March at the Metropolitan Library he will deliver a lecture titled History, Memory, Identity – the Experience of Krakow.

It is worth bringing up that the International Cultural Centre has been collaborating with Japan since 2008, organising every two years travelling seminars whose goal is to introduce Japanese researchers of Polish culture to the heritage and history of Central Europe. Up to now there have been five editions of the programme in Ukraine (2008), Lithuania (2019), Belarus (2012), Slovakia (2014), and Poland (2016). This year's seminar, commencing on August 22nd, will address the borderlands between Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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