Pop-up museum. Galician Tarnów

Dr. Monika Rydiger and Kinga Michalska in talk with Ewa Łączyńska-Widz and other guests
Tarnów, PKP Railway Station – BWA Gallery, Słowackiego 1

The Tarnów edition of a “Pop-up museum” will remain open from January 31 to February 8 and its opening will be accompanied by a debate entitled Galician Tarnów dedicated to multicultural heritage of Tarnów. What has remained of Tarnów’s rich multicultural tradition? Can it be brought back to life?

Tarnów is a very special place from the point of view of multiculturalism. It is a meeting point of Jewish, Polish, Romani and Hungarian stories – many of which are addressed by the activities of various cultural institutions operating in the city. The Regional Museum of Tarnów is Poland’s very first place which has opened a permanent exhibition dedicated to Romani culture. Also, in 2014, the BWA Art Gallery in Tarnów carried out two projects: “Tajsa” which consisted of an exhibition and a series of activities focusing on Romani community, and “We were” – a project dedicated to the Tarnów Jews and organised in cooperation with the Regional Museum of Tarnów.
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