Polish St. Petersburg

The encyclopaedia "Polish St. Petersburg", dedicated to the multi-dimensional Polish presence in St. Petersburg, will present the history and works of Poles living in St. Petersburg from the late 18th century to the present day in the context of this multi-ethnic and multicultural city. Apart from biographical and theme-focused entries that emphasise among others the creative input of Poles in the development of modern St. Petersburg, the encyclopaedia will also present rich visual material. We trust that over time it will become an important interdisciplinary compendium of knowledge on Polish presence in St. Petersburg addressed to a wide public in both countries.

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We are convinced that due to the recent promotion of the input of various national diasporas in the history and culture of the former capital of the Russian Empire, this is a particularly important task. It is so because the citizens of St. Petersburg demonstrate very limited knowledge on the Polish community in their city, which in the early 20th century amounted to 60 thousand individuals actively participating in the social, cultural, academic, economic, and political life of the metropolis. The knowledge of this topic in Poland remains equally limited to a narrow group of specialists in the field.
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