Polish-Japanese expert's meeting

2013-09-04 - 2013-09-08
September 4–8, 2013
"Heritage Policy in the Historical Perspective in Europe, the Middle East and Japan"

A seminar titled “Heritage Policy in the Historical Perspective in Europe, the Middle East and Japan” jointly organised by the International Cultural Centre and its Japanese partner, i.e. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies held in the ICC. It was the first joint programme carried out within a new five-year-long cooperation agreement signed in March 2013. The previous cooperation agreement which covered the years 2008-2013 brought about three seminars aimed at researchers and academics who specialise in Polish culture which were held in the borderlands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The programme’s Japanese partner, i.e. Tokyo Univesity of Foreign Studies was represented by researchers in European, Middle East and Japanese history.  The seminar was also attended by the representative of the Japanese branch of the International Council on Monuments and Sites ICOMOS. Among the Polish participants one found experts in preservation of cultural heritage in Poland and Europe from such academic institutions as the Jagiellonian University and the University of Economics in Krakow as well as from the International Cultural Centre.

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