Plans and objectives for 2021

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Thirty years ago, on 8 December 1990, Jacek Purchla, Izabella Cywińska, Andrzej Pelczar, Krzysztof Skubiszewski, and Jacek Woźniakowski signed the founding constitution of the International Cultural Centre Foundation. Nearly six months later, on 29 May 1991, in the Senators’ Hall at Wawel Royal Castle, the International Cultural Centre officially inaugurated its operations. This event was part of a major symposium of the CSCE being held at the time, its first debate on cultural heritage. As we move into our thirtieth year, it is only natural that we look back on our beginnings, review the road we have travelled, and analyse our work in the context of the changing reality around us. On the threshold of the new year it has been our custom to offer you a full overview of our activities, projects, exhibitions, and books. The year 2021 is a jubilee year and nothing can change that, but the coronavirus pandemic has pointed up the fragility of all planning more clearly than usual.

With these words, the director of the ICC, Agata Wąsowska-Pawlik, begins an introduction to the recently published "Plans and objectives of the International Cultural Centre" for 2021.

We invite you to read about the events planned by the ICC this year.
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