Hungarians. A thousand years of victories in defeats – a meeting with Paul Lendvai

2016-11-08, 6:00 p.m.
November 8, (Tuesday), 6:00 p.m.Hungarians. A thousand years of victories in defeats – a meeting with Paul LendvaiChair: Adam Krzemiński

Join us on November 8 (Tuesday), at 18.00, for a meeting with Paul Lendvai – one of the most insightful journalists focusing for several recent decades on the question of Central Europe. His book, Hungarians. A Thousands Years of Victory in Defeat,will be published in Polish in November by the ICC press. The meeting will be moderated by Adam Krzemiński.

How many of us are now aware that Hungarian pioneers of the period of Modernism had a decisive role in the future emergence of the atomic bomb, computers, or Hollywood, or that the Hungarian genius, regardless of ethnic origin or religious denomination, made a great, often pivotal impact on global science and arts, economy and industry?

In his fascinating collage of historical essay and biographical sketches about Hungarian heroes and victims, geniuses and crooks, victors and traitors, Paul Lendvai presents the turbulent history of Hungarians from the very beginnings of their state to the present day. This vast, deeply absorbing story of failures and victories of the Hungarian nation is the first fully comprehensive study of Hungarian history published in Poland.

Born in Budapest, Paul Lendvai attempts to capture the specificity of Hungarian history without avoiding difficult subjects, as well as by presenting anecdotes, tales, and legends. His impressive, over 800-page-long book offers a wide panorama of Hungarian history, free from any taboos and prejudices. Eloquent and absorbing, Lendvai’s story can be read as an emotional appeal for tolerance and mutual understanding, as well as an open warning about the dangers of closing to the other and endorsing the nationalist mission. 

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