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New photography exhibition at the MCK "Dad on the phone" by the Kanaplev&Leidik duo


We invite you from June 28 to July 21 to the photography exhibition titled "Dad on the phone" by the Kanaplev&Leidik duo.


The exhibition tells the story of the everyday life of Ukrainian families who found themselves in Poland after the outbreak of the war in 2022. Sonia, like many other children, contacts her father by phone when she needs help with her homework or wants to go for a walk. In this way, families lead a half-life - partly here in Poland and partly there in Ukraine.

Since the Russian aggression against Ukraine, only Ukrainian women and children can come to Poland, which has resulted in many families being separated. Julia Leidik and Evgene Kanaplev, a couple of Belarusian photographers who emigrated to Warsaw from Minsk, have been documenting the everyday life of Ukrainian families in Poland since 2022. In their portraits, fathers are present only on smartphone screens, participating in family life at a distance - during celebrations, walks or shared meals.

"Dad on the Phone" is a moving story about the hybrid life of families separated by the war, about the power of technology that allows us to maintain a semblance of home at the front, and about the impact of war on the everyday lives of women and children. The project encourages reflection on the role of women and modern masculinity in post-Soviet countries.

The exhibition documents refugee families in their temporary homes, showing their readiness to return to their homeland.

We invite you to the MCK basements at 11.00 - 19.00 from June 28 to July 21, 2024 to see this extraordinary exhibition that shows the drama of war from the perspective of everyday family life.


Curator: Kaja Werbanowska.



 Krakow Photomonth Festival,

Promocyjna Gallery,

Staromiejski Dom Kultury

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