Music bridge. Online concert for the 30th anniversary of the ICC

2021-05-29, 7:00 p.m.
Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater. Group of people standing by the tree.
Music does not need a language, because sound carries emotions and connects across cultures, languages, nationalities and identities.

That is why the ICC, which since the beginning of the 90s has been dealing with connecting cultures, telling about other nationalities of Central Europe, explaining various memories, building awareness and Central European identity as a sum of community experiences, decided to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a concert.

We invited you to the concert Music Bridge - Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater for the birthday of the ICC, connecting Krakow with the "Borderland - of arts, cultures, nations" Center in Sejny, just like the ICC, celebrating its 30th anniversary. In 1990, Krzysztof Czyżewski wrote in a letter to Czesław Miłosz, that it would be a miracle if it was possible to establish a cultural centre that would combine borderline cultures. Today, "Pogranicze" is 30 years old, and Krzysztof Czyżewski is its director.

On Saturday, May 29, at 19.00 Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater played live in Sejny, and their performance was available in real time on the ICC profile on Facebook and on the Play Kraków platform.
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