Mp‑Art in Krakow

October 19, 11.00 a.m.
Mp‑Art in Krakow
Urban play. An introductory lecture by Dr. Monika Rydiger

We invite to the event accompanying the exhibition Tara (von Neudorf). Cartographer of sinister history.
The talk focuses on a current trend in contemporary art, Map Art, which is appearing among cartographer artists. These artists use existing maps which undergo an artistic process consisting of touching up, delineation, folding, tearing etc. or re‑appropriating cartographic methods and techniques. The key influence on shaping this type of trend is the introduction of internet‑based location devices and geographical positioning systems, especially the easily accessible Google Maps. This has led to the democratisation of cartography, providing new perspectives in the field, as well as inspiring artists.

Monika Rydiger – is an art historian and art critic, graduate of the Jagiellonian University, doctor of humanities in art history and curator at the ICC Gallery. She is the author of texts on contemporary sculpture and architecture, and a member of the Polish Section of AICA (the International Art Critics’ Association).

Enrolment information: warsztaty[at], tel.: 12 42 42 812, 811
Running time: 4 hours (10.00–15.00); hot refreshments will be provided for participants
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