MINIencounters with Art: SELF PORTRAIT | live workshops

2021-04-11, 12:30 a.m.
The boy's smiling face, sprinkled with colored pigment
The first April workshop was devoted to the differences between a portrait and a self-portrait, and its result was an extraordinary artwork showing our self portrait. The workshop is inspired by the exhibition that will soon be presented at the ICC Gallery – More than Bauhaus. German photography between the wars and Polish parallels.

Workshop was available to watch on the ICC profile on Facebook, on Sunday, April 11th, at 12.30.

Materials needed for workshop: scissors, vikol glue, glue stick, pencil, double-sided tape, glitter, eraser, A3 or A4 sheet of paper (which is the basis / background of our work - it can be white or in your favorite color), colored paper, tissue paper, fabric scraps, sequins, buttons, old newspapers, etc.

The classes was conducted by Emilia Drabik – ICC educator.

Workshop in Polish.
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