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2021-07-04, 12:30 a.m.
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MINIencounters with Art are cyclical classes that took place in the historic rooms of the ICC before the pandemic. If you would like to come back to the idea of ​​workshops focusing on one concept related to the world around us, art, architecture and design, we invite you to take part in online meetings.

The series of classes is aimed at children aged 4-8. The art workshops are focused on one concept - searching for meanings for it and creating an object related to them.

Workshops are held every other Sunday, free of charge at 12.30 on our Facebook profile.

The recordings from the workshops are later available on the ICC YouTube channel.

Workshop schedule:

 June 6 at 12.30 – NEWSPAPER

 June 20 at 12.30 – MOVEMENT

 July 4 at 12.30

 July 18 at 12.30

 August 1 at 12.30

 August 15 at 12.30

 August 29 at 12.30

 September 12 at 12.30

 September 26 at 12.30

 October 10 at 12.30

 October 24 at 12.30

 November 7 at 12.30

 November 21 at 12.30

 December 5 at 12.30 – Nicholas at the ICC

 December 19 at 12.30

MINIencounters with Art available on request

We will conduct art workshops via the Zoom platform individually for a group of up to 10 children.
Suggested topics for classes in the field of architecture, art or nature.

MINIencounters with Art on request: Cost: PLN 50 per group. For more information, please contact Angelika Madura by writing to the following address:
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