Miłosz on the Polish Borderlands...

2012, November 27, 3 p.m.
Miłosz on the Polish Borderlands and the Chinese understandins of the Borderland
A lecture by prof. Wu Lan

"Interest that I first showed in the Borderlands was the result of my then increasing command of Polish history and literature. As I intensified my efforts into studying and translating Polish literature, the role of the Borderlands for both Poland the Poles became more and more evident to me. However, it was my encounter with a rich literary oeuvre of Czesław Miłosz that played a decisive role in taking a decision to investigate the phenomenon in a serious and scholarly manner. Other inspiration came from the fact that the idea of Borderlands has a different meaning in Chinese civilisation, culture and language. Having analysed a significant part of Miłosz’s works, I identified three major threads pertaining to the Borderlands, namely personal, political/historical and sentimental/folk.  This approach made it possible to show how the idea of Borderlands – as it is developed in Miłosz’s oeuvre – can be understood by the Chinese. Moreover, this methodology also helped to emphasise differences in the perception of the idea of the Borderlands among the Poles and the Chinese."
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