Meeting: The Knots of Memory...

May 28, 2014, 7 p.m.
The Knots of Memory of Independent Poland
A meeting with prof. Zdzisław Najder, prof. Andrzej Nowak and prof. Jerzy Zdrada moderate by prof. Jacek Purchla

We kindly invite you for a meeting accompanying the premiere of the publication entitled The Knots of Memory of Independent Poland, a result of a research project run under the same title since 2010.

What kind of Poland are we fighting for? – asked the editors of the underground “Information Bulletin” in 1943. The end of the war brought the end of that world. The continuity of the state and tradition had been broken. What was finished was the Independent Poland in the form that lasted in a changeable, but continuous geographic and social shape for a thousand years. The Second Polish Republic was its final form. The project called “The Knots of Memory…” attempted to recreate its identikit.

The work on the project initiated by Professor Zdzisław Najder lasted from June 2010, coordinated by the Polish History Museum in collaboration with the Knots of Memory Foundation. The work on the project brought together a large group of historians and sociologists who reconstruct a past map of notions and images of the lost Atlantis.

The publication contains a wide array of photographs, mostly published for the first time, forming together a panoramic picture of the Second Polish Republic.
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