Meeting: Revolution and what next?

March 3, 6 p.m. 
Revolution and what next?
“Znak” monthly kindly invites you for a discussion involving invited guests and the public devoted to the situation in Ukraine. 
The ICC is the event partner.

In the course of recent months every day we have followed the development of events in Ukraine. At present, when it seems that the revolution has won and Ukraine awaits a new opening, we need to pose the question about the future of the country as well as its new identity. 

We will talk about Ukrainian society, its achievements, fears, and hopes. We will also consider Poles’ attitudes to the situation in Ukraine – what have we learnt about ourselves as society? In the course of the debate we will make an attempt to sum up events related to the Ukrainian revolution, as well as formulate prognoses about its future. 
Discussion participants:
Andrij Lubka – Ukraininan poet, prose writer, activist linked with Maidan
Przemysław Tomanek – lecturer at the Faculty of Ukrainian Studies, the Jagiellonian University, author of Europe as a Challenge for Contemporary Ukraine
Dawid Wildstein – journalist, correspondent for “Gazeta Polska” from Kiev at the time of the revolution
Discussion convenors: Andrzej Brylak and Urszula Pieczek
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