Galicia – a Myth of Many Faces

A meeting with Martin Pollack

Martin Pollack – known to the Polish readers for his books including Nach Galizien – von Chassiden, Huzulen, Polen und Ruthenern. Eine imaginäre Reise durch die verschwundene Welt Ostgaliziens und der Bukowina (To Galicia: Of Chasidim, Huzules, Poles and Ruthenians: An imaginary journey through the vanished world of Eastern Galicia and Bukovina, originally published in 1984) and Der Tote im Bunker. Bericht über meinen Vater (The dead man in the bunker; Discovering my father, originally published in 2004) – will inaugurate with his lectre the accompanying programme The Myth of Galicia exhibition. The leading theme will be the multicultural and complex heritage of Galicia and its contemporary perception.

Martin Pollack – an Austrian columnist, journalist, Slavic philologist, and translator of Polish literature, Martin Pollack specialises in Central European issues, portraying ethical confl icts, and the joint history of the nations  inhabiting the area. He has translated plenty of Polish literature and essays into German, notably works by Andrzej Bobkowski, Ryszard Kapuściński, and Mariusz Wilk. Recipient of the Angelus Central European Literature Award (2007), and Karl Dedecius Award for translations of Polish literature.
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