Austrian Talk

2014-11-27 - 2015-07-13
A meeting with Mieczysław Czuma and Leszek Mazan

A meeting with the authors of “Austrian Talk, or Galician Encyclopedia”, which includes over 700 entries presenting a panorama of facts, anecdotes, figures, and sayings. Among others, it includes descriptions of the rivalry between Lviv and Krakow, the courtly etiquette, the ubiquitous portraits of the Emperor, komiśniak the soldier’s bread and (kiełbasa wybrocza, lit. elections sausage, meaning pork barrel), the Associations of Abstinence from Burnt Liquors, gwizdawka (train whistles), debutantes at balls, zechcyk (Sixty-six) and ferbel card games.

Who remembers nowadays that the first train entering Zakopane a hundred years ago was welcomed by the highlanders’ naked buttocks. What was the name of a highlander who was sorry. Why J. I. Kraszewski was seen in Galicia as a troublemaker etc. Finding answers to these questions became possible thanks to the long archive research, as well as the passion for collecting anecdotes and jokes.
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