Mature for art

March 6, 11 a.m.
Erect a house or building in close relation with nature

A workshop chaired by Sabina Woźnica, a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. An artist whose numerous projects address serious issues related to human condition and environmental protection and conservation.
The workshop will encourage its participants to freely play with architecture “planted” in the heart of nature. Considering architecture to be a part of nature as well as allowing interference with nature  by means of ecological solutions are among the factors responsible for making contemporary Norwegian architecture such a unique phenomenon. The materials most often used are: wood submitted to an innovative method of carbonisation (wood preservatives); glass which creates a physical, but not a mental barrier between a man and nature; concrete whose structure alludes to rocks; as well as rusting steel which is to blend with landscape. All these factors as well as innovative solutions are inspired by a specific character of Norwegian landscape dominated by rocks, sea and wind. The before-mentioned will also serve as a powerful source of inspiration for the participants of the workshop.

Cost: 5 PLN
To sign up, please email us at warsztaty[at]
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